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Discover the latest news from the Bear GO platform!

Your augmented reality content creation platform is improving, and offers you a new range of features at this year.


Preview your creations in 3 dimensions


A new button has appeared in your workspace, this is the 3D preview .While increasing your target, you can now switch between a 2D visualization , through your classic scene , and a 3D visualization , via a brand new interface .


The 3D preview does not yet display the animation of your videos, gif or 3D objects, and your interactions can not be modified directly from this interface. Nevertheless, thanks to the new point of view offered by this option, you will implement your designs with much greater ease and agility .

2D preview (left) / 3D preview (right)






Orientate and move your interactions

Via your workspace you have the possibility to modify the position and scale values ​​of your different interactions, on the X and Y ( 2D ) axes, directly on the target or through the basic properties of the interaction.We add to this a new parameter, rotation ! There too, two ways to proceed: from your scene , or, by changing the rotation values ​​in the properties .





We also offer the ability to modify the position , scale and rotation values ​​of your interactions, on the X, Y and Z ( 3D ) axes, through the advanced properties of the interaction. Or in a completely automated way, ticking the ” Vertical Orientation ” button, which will elevate your interaction while orienting it perpendicular to your target. Or in a more manual way, by checking the ” 3D Mode ” button, which will open up a very wide range of possibilities in terms of editing 3D parameters.



Use the keys on your keyboard to manipulate your interactions

The position of your interactions can now be controlled through the keys on your keyboard . Very useful when it comes to making a precise and fast move through your scene, you will obviously keep track of all the previous options available to move your interactions.

Move a pixel interaction: Select there and then press the arrow keys you want.

Move an interaction of 5 pixels: Select there then press “Shift” and the arrow keys you want.



Zoom as precisely as you like

For even more comfort and flexibility in setting up your content, we now allow you to position your target, in a much more precise way, inside your scene. You can choose to click on the two loupes “-” and “+” to zoom in and zoom out roughly (red area), to click on the two small arrows just to the left to zoom in and out with more precision (blue area), or even to return yourself the percentage of your choice (green zone).

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