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Samples from the Retail industry

How Augmented Reality Is Helping Top Retail Outlets With Better Conversion Rates and Effective Marketing Campaigns   Keywords : Print catalog conversion, in-app purchase, brand communication, direct marketing, drive-to-store, in-store promotion Connecting Print with Digital, at BeAR, we have made Augmented Reality a powerful and effective marketing tool for our clients, primarily retail chains including … Continue reading

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How AR became NATHAN’s most popular app

- App: Nathan Live Android and iOS - Takeaway: most popular app among Nathan’s 40+ mobile apps, more than 200,000 downloads, 1 million scans and interactions - Market segment: from preschoolers to teenagers - Imprints: picture books, comics, board games, language learning methods - Assets used: audio soundtracks and translations, 3D animations Nathan, a part … Continue reading

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Comment la Réalité Augmentée est devenue l’app la plus populaire de NATHAN

- App: Nathan Live Android et iOS - Résumé: l'app la plus populaire parmi les 40+ apps mobiles de Nathan, plus de 200 000 téléchargements, 1 million de scans et interactions - Segment de marché: de la petite enfance jusqu'aux adolescents - Imprimés: livres illustrés, bandes dessinées, cartes et jeux de plateau, méthodes d'apprentissage de langue … Continue reading

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BORDAS to augment all of its Secondary textbooks

- App: Bordas FlashPage Android and iOS - Takeaway: deployed over 80 textbooks with thousands of new and legacy assets, used by students and recognized by teachers as a differentiating approach that led to an increasing market share - Market segment: students and teachers from secondary schools - Imprints: languages, science, mathematics, economy and history … Continue reading

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BORDAS augmente tous ses manuels de Secondaire avec BeAR

- App: Bordas FlashPage Android et iOS - Résumé: déployée sur plus de 80 ouvrages scolaires avec des milliers de ressources multimédia nouvelles et anciennes, utilisée par les élèves et reconnue par les enseignants comme une approche différentiante ayant permis une augmentation des parts de marché - Segment de marché: élèves et enseignants du secondaire - … Continue reading

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PRISMA PRESS reinvents social interactions over Print

- App: SnapPress Android and iOS - Takeaway: use of the new SnapPress app, thanks to easy PostScript integration, proved both innovative and viral, letting audiences comment articles and share their own content - Market segment: millennials, young adults and executives - Imprints: Neon generalist, Capital business and Geo educational monthly magazines - Assets used: … Continue reading

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PRISMA PRESS réinvente les interactions sociales autour de l’Imprimé

- App: SnapPress Android et iOS - Résumé: l'utilisation de la nouvelle app SnapPress, avec une intégration PostScript, s'est révélée innovante et virale à la fois, permettant aux lecteurs de commenter les articles et partager leurs propres contenus - Segment de marché: millennials, jeunes adultes et cadres - Imprimés: les magazines mensuels Neon (généraliste), Capital (économie) … Continue reading

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How GRF augmented 100,000 pages of Law text

- App: GRF+ Android and iOS - Takeaway: 100,000 pages augmented and refreshed every day thanks to a fully automated PDF-ripping process, creating a new connection channel between pages and services, with an estimated 10-15% sales increase for several books in the catalog - Market segment: lawyers and accountants requiring regular update regarding law amendments … Continue reading

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Découvrez comment GRF augmente 100 000 pages de textes de Loi

- App: GRF+ Android et iOS - Résumé: 100 000 pages augmentées et mises à jour quotidiennement grâce un processus entièrement automatisé de rastérisation PDF, créant un nouveau canal de connexion entre pages et services, avec pour résultat une croissance estimée de 10 à 15% pour les ventes de certains ouvrages du catalogue - Segment de … Continue reading

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Bear GO – Version 3.14. Discover the new features of the Bear GO platform

Bear GO is evolving! Take a few minutes to discover the new features embedded in the latest version of your augmented reality content creation platform. Dashboard gets a new look We have redesigned the information displayed on the home page of your platform. You will now be able to see at a glance the number of your … Continue reading