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Bear GO – Version 3.14. Discover the new features of the Bear GO platform

Bear GO is evolving! Take a few minutes to discover the new features embedded in the latest version of your augmented reality content creation platform. Dashboard gets a new look We have redesigned the information displayed on the home page of your platform. You will now be able to see at a glance the number of your … Continue reading

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BEAR unveils its 3D interface. A new way to create augmented reality!

Already available for several weeks in your augmented reality platform, the 3D editor is now equipped with a wide range of features, allowing it to ensure: A complete 3-dimensional visualization of your target as well as interactions that have been applied upstream from your 2D workspace. The ability to change the position, rotation, and scale … Continue reading

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Discover the latest news from the Bear GO platform!

Your augmented reality content creation platform is improving, and offers you a new range of features at this year.   Preview your creations in 3 dimensions   A new button has appeared in your workspace, this is the 3D preview .While increasing your target, you can now switch between a 2D visualization , through your classic scene , and a 3D visualization , … Continue reading

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Discover the new 3D objects available in your media library!

New 3D objects have been added to the media library of your augmented reality platform and can now be used for free to increase your communication media. No more hesitating, use 3D interactions in your AR campaigns! Maximize the "Wow" effect when scanning your markers with a single click and enrich the experience of your users. To … Continue reading


Rendez-nous visite au salon créativ’cross-media

Rendez nous visite sur le stand 9 au Salon creativ'cross-media Inscription gratuite!    Inscrivez-vous Venez participer à notre atelier ! Cet atelier vous permettra de créer une campagne de Réalité Augmentée sur le support de votre choix. Vous pourrez  notamment choisir l’image que vous souhaitez augmenter et ajouter les interactions suivantes : Bouton Email Bouton … Continue reading